What is Partial Views in MVC ?

What is Partial Views in MVC ?, someone asked me to explain?

In this Article, I describe what is partial view in mvc. Partial views are used to encapsulate reusable view logic and it simplify the complexity of views. We can use one partial view on multilple views , where we need similar kind of view logics.

 If you create a partial view in shared folder then you can access a partial view anywhere in your application but if you create partial view in specific folder or models with in that folder or modules only you can access your partial views.

 Partial View creation is similar to normal view creation, but check Create as a partial view checkbox before add a partial view.

 Render PartialView

@Html.Partial("Partial viewName",Model)


@Html.Partial("_Product", item)

Here _Product is a Partial view name and item is a name of the model.

_Product View


@model MVCApp.Models.Product












Index View

@model IEnumerable<Gnawazexport.Areas.Admin.Models.ProductImage>


   ViewBag.Title = "Index";


@foreach (var item in Model)


@Html.Partial("_Product", item)



In this above demonstration, I used product as a partial view and use this partial in index view. Similarly we can use this partial wherever you need.

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