How to get domain name information from a Domain using Python

How to get domain name information from a Domain using Python, someone asked me to explain?

In this video tutorial I will show you how to get domain name information from a domain using python. 

To Get DOMAIN information:


import whois

def get_whois_info(domain_name):
    domain_info = whois.whois(domain_name)
    expiration_date = domain_info.expiration_date
    last_updated = domain_info.last_updated
    registrar = domain_info.registrar
    creation_date = domain_info.creation_date

    # Convert expiration_date and creation_date to datetime if they are lists
    if isinstance(expiration_date, list):
        expiration_date = expiration_date[0]
    if isinstance(creation_date, list):
        creation_date = creation_date[0]

    return {
        'expiration_date': expiration_date ,
        '\n last_updated': last_updated,
        'registrar': registrar,
        'name': domain_name,
        'creation_date': creation_date

# Example domain
domain_name = ''

# Get WHOIS information
domain_info = get_whois_info(domain_name)

# Print the information

I have already installed whois package in my project, pip install whois. But it is not working, I got the following error,

"attributeerror: module 'whois' has no attribute 'whois'"

No attribute error


 I resolved the error by installing the package "python-whois"

pip install python-whois


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